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Sunfeast YiPPee! Magic Masala

Swish! The magic recipe to make your mouth water!

Relish SunfeastYiPPee!’s long, non-sticky and safe noodles with oodles of special flavours from a special recipe created by ITC just for you. Enjoy the delicious blend of unique spices and five different types of dehydrated vegetables in a forkful of SunfeastYiPPee!’s Magic Masala. It’s truly magical in taste! So go on and dig in!

Sunfeast YiPPee! Mood Masala

Your partner for every mood

Feeling lazy on a Sunday afternoon? Chilled out on a rainy evening? Or just plain crazy at your friends' party? You now have the perfect partner for all your Moods. Now choose your taste every time with YiPPee! Mood Masala with 2 Masala Mix sachets. First, add Main Masala Mix in full and then add Mood Mix to match your mood. So Dude, what's your Mood?

Sunfeast YiPPee! Power up Atta Noodles

Everyone’s tasty pleasure!

Power Up Atta noodles does just what the name suggests. Packed with the power of wheat and yummy goodness of vegetable additions in every strand. Power Up Atta noodles are rich in fibre and also a source of Protein, Iron & Calcium. It is a reward worth waiting for and is the perfect recipe for an action packed life of a champion! So go on and power up!

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