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Welcome to the World of Bounce

Bounce Crème Biscuits

Deliciously creamy and deliciously fun! The Sunfeast Bounce biscuits are available in four tasty flavors- Chocolate, Orange, Elaichi and Pineapple. The flavored biscuit shell with a soft creamy centre takes you to a world of fun and excitement!

Sunfeast Bounce Dream Crème

When just one isn’t enough, Sunfeast Dream Crème brings together best of two worlds. Crunchy biscuits on the outside with a delicious combo of flavored crème on the inside. Sunfeast Dream crème has three variants- the classic Choco and Vanilla, the delicious Strawberry and Vanilla and the classic Butterscotch Zing.

Sunfeast Bounce Minis - Strawberry Flavoured

Crispy, bite-sized poppers that have a flavoured biscuit shell with a soft, creamy Strawberry centre. Share a pack or just have it all yourself, this is a snack that will leave you wanting for more. So go ahead, just pop, nonstop!

Sunfeast Bounce Crème Cake

Soft, spongy cake layered with rich, delicious crème. Available in two irresistible flavors- Choco Crème and Butterscotch. Also available in Veg.

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