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Helps in improving motor skills through hand-eye coordination It enhances the cognitive abilities in children using the theme of automobiles. 2 in 1 play on both sides of the puzzle both sides of the puzzle are different from one another, making for a completely different puzzle solving experience and twice as interesting, twice as fun Soft touch board: Gentle on your child's hands

Geometry Box

Classmate geometry boxes come with die-casted metal instruments with a self-centring mechanism that gives you maximum precision and accuracy while you draw. The compasses in the geometry boxes have been designed with equidistant tips for unsurpassed accuracy. The boxes come with sturdy, transparent plastic instruments that are perfectly calibrated for greater accuracy. Each box also comes with a reference guide full of important math formulae. The variants available include: Classmate Victor, Classmate Invento, Classmate Invento - Disney Series, Classmate Archimedes and Classmate Asteroid.


Classmate notebooks consist of more than 300 variants including notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books and reminder pads. ITC focused on the design elements of notebooks: each Classmate notebook has a theme on the cover and related information inside. ITC Classmate notebooks use Ozone-treated, Elemental Chlorine Free Paper which has lesser use of chemicals in bleaching stage. Ozone treatment of paper before bleaching process improves paper quality and shelf life.

Premium Nootebooks

Classmate Pulse is a trendy range of notebooks from Classmate for the uber-cool youth of today. Its vibrant, stylish and trendy covers with special effects make a statement, upping the style quotient of these notebooks!

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