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Healthier Baked Chips With Goodness Of Protein And Fibre

Welcome to the world of Bingo Starters

Bingo Starters - Pulse Chips - Chatpata

Starters present to you a whole new range of lip smacking and delicious bites to take you on a nostalgia trip to your favorite chat gali! What's more, you can enjoy your favorite snacks without guilt as starters is baked and Trans-fat free.

Bingo Starters - Pulse Chips - Masala

What is life without pinch of masala and nothing beats the great quality of spices and masala packed in Bingo! Starters that keep you wanting for more! So go, grab your pack of Bingo! Starters and have a masala-daar answer to your snack cravings.

Bingo Starters - Pulse Chips - Minty

The Tingling and aromatic taste of mint coupled with goodness of daals deliver the taste that you would never forgot. Bingo! Starters Minty variant is a balance of great taste and wholesome experience. The irresistible taste would make you reach out to eat again and again.

Bingo Starters - Pulse Chips - Peppery

Good things in life start with a change. Try the all new Bingo! Starters, the irresistible baked snack to satiate your cravings. The taste of pepper, straight out of the kitchen gives you a splendid experience without the guilt of having a fried snack. Have you tried it yet?

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