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How to Boost Metabolism: Healthy Practises to Follow to Improve Metabolic Rate


Metabolism is one of the most significant bodily functions. Metabolism entails the breakdown of food and fluids and its conversion into energy. There are two main types of metabolism: Catabolism and Anabolism. Catabolism refers to the conversion of molecules into energy, and Anabolism is the synthesis of complex compounds by cells.

Metabolism, or often referred to as metabolic rate is also linked with weight loss. Harvard Health describes metabolism as the body’s “engine.” According to Harvard Health, having high metabolism means that the number of calories burned are high through rest and movement, whereas low metabolism means that the number of calories burned are fewer. This is the main reason for people with lower metabolism resort to dieting and portion control to reduce the number of calories consumed.

While one cannot drastically change their metabolic rates, there are practices that if followed, can result in boosting metabolism. Here are a few you should keep in mind if you want to know how to boost metabolism:

Drinking Water

One of the most basic practises that are advised by all health experts is to drink enough water. Hydration is not only important for keeping our skin clear, acne-free and our mouth wet, but it also greatly improves metabolism. Water is the key driver in flushing out toxins and speeding up your metabolic rate, hence it is a good practise to have a bottle around you throughout the day.

According to John Hopkins Edu ,drinking water suppresses hunger, reduces overall calorie intake, and stimulates heat production in the body which leads to a higher number of calories being burned. Studies have shown that water can boost metabolic rates to up to 30% in adults!

Be Mindful of the Food You Consume!

Avoid eating at the wrong times and choose to consume small meals throughout the day. It is important to have healthy snacks in between and include simple and wholesome dishes that are easy to digest. Processed foods often contain ingredients that are heavy and not easily digestible. This slows digestion and delays metabolism too.

Eating spicy foods certainly is one way to ensure higher metabolism. Spicy foods contain Capsaicin which is known to fasten metabolism. This ingredient is found in red chilli powder that is widely used all over India. Aashirvaad Chilli Powder is an authentic product that is free from impurities and helps add a generous spiciness to your homemade food which boosts your metabolic rate.

Moreover, it is also essential to include protein in your diet if you wish to increase your metabolism. As told by NDTV, our body is said to burn more calories to digest proteins which is why it becomes important to consume them. Additionally, protein helps in the secretion of insulin into the bloodstream which in turn helps metabolism.

Drink Green Tea & Coffee

Green tea has always been one of the most preferred beverages among fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Popular for its weight loss benefits, green tea is rich in oxidants and had hot which makes it a great option for your skin and your metabolism. Similarly, consuming coffee is also known to speed up metabolism significantly!

Having black coffee can boost metabolic rates from 3-10%. However, it must be noted that only consuming black coffee without adding any sugar can provide these benefits. This is because black coffee contains a low number of calories. Having any other coffee beverage can in fact lead to an unhealthy amount of weight gain!

Regular Exercise

Body movement is essential for keeping us in shape, energetic and in boosting our metabolism. Intense exercises like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training and aerobic exercises like swimming and cycling are great for increasing your metabolic rate!

These are some of the most important practices to follow for a better metabolic rate. In short: eat well, stay hydrated, workout regularly and your metabolic rate will go up!

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