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Try these 5 Holi Sweets Recipes to make your loved ones feel special this festive season

Holi Sweets Recipes

The festival of colours is synonymous with excitement, frolic, fond memories, music and most importantly, a gorgeous spread of sweet treats and mithais. Throughout generations, friends and family have come together to celebrate not just with colours but by indulging in their favourite Holi special sweets.

On the day of Holi, our senses are overwhelmed with beautiful colours, peppy music and the tempting fragrance of our favourite homemade sweets and snacks. All the love and care in the world is poured into preparing Barfis, Pedas, Gujiyas and so many more traditional sweet dishes especially for Holi.

Whether it is an intimate family affair, or a large bash with all your friends and acquaintances, these five Holi sweet recipes are the best way to make the most of this festival. This collection of remarkably tasty yet easy to make Holi special sweets will help make your celebrations even more spectacular. Watch your loved ones swoon over the yummy sweet treats you serve this Holi, and get ready to be showered in compliments along with all the beautiful colours.

1. Tricolor Peda

The Tricolor Peda is a fantastic sweet dish that is not only delicious but also visually striking with its unique appearance and colours. This AASHIRVAAD atta recipe can help you make your own creamy homemade Holi sweets in little to no time. The Peda is a beloved and iconic Indian sweet dish that has been used to commemorate and celebrate the most special occasions.

It is the perfect delight that can brighten up your family’s Holi celebrations. The vibrant colours of the Tricolor Peda are integrated in the most fitting manner with Holi, also fondly known as the Festival of Colours. This decadent delicacy also contains condensed milk that fills your mouth with its creamy goodness with each bite. The soft hints of cardamom powder leave behind a pleasant taste and aroma. With the help of this simple AASHIRVAAD atta recipe, you can quickly prepare the Tricolor Peda at home to make Holi more special for your loved ones.

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2. Coconut Gujiya

This deep fried sweet dish is an ideal mithai for special occasions and auspicious festivals such as Holi. It’s a rich, stuffed dumpling filled with a unique mixture of coconuts, dry fruits, mawa prepared in AASHIRVAAD pure cow ghee. The pastry covering for the Coconut Gujiya recipe is made with AASHIRVAAD atta.

When deep fried, the pastry covering for the Coconut Gujiya attains a delightful crunchy texture and a beautiful golden brown colour. Flattened, and stuffed with the sweet and aromatic mixture, the Coconut Gujiya is then folded into a half moon shape. For that added touch of juicy sweetness, this wonderful mithai is then soaked into sugar syrup. The deep fried AASHIRVAAD atta covering absorbs the sweetness, turning into the perfect indulgence for your loved ones to feast on. Prepare your own homemade Holi sweets by making the Coconut Gujiya with this easy AASHIRVAAD atta recipe.

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3. Strawberry Barfi

The sweet, tarty flavour of strawberries makes for an ideal pairing with the milky goodness of Barfi. The festival of Holi is a time when friends and family come together to celebrate, and indulge in the comfort of sweet treats. The Strawberry Barfi is one of the most irresistible homemade Holi sweet recipes you can prepare with very little effort.

This AASHIRVAAD atta recipe can be made with strawberry crush to give your strawberry barfis the right balance of sweetness and tart. The primary flavour of a Barfi is always milk based, with a secondary fruity flavour introduced for more deliciousness. This AASHIRVAAD atta recipe for strawberry barfis is a one-pot recipe, which makes it an ideal preparation for instant Holi sweets. Make as many as you like, and bring in the spirit of playfulness and cheer this Holi.

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4. Tasty Chocolate Peda

The delightful chocolate peda is a testament to how two tempting sweet dishes can come together to create something even more magical. Chocolate is the epitome of indulgences, and the Peda is a classic mithai that is prepared to commemorate all happy occasions in Indian homes. To bring those two together, and make your own Chocolate Peda is a winning combination.

With this AASHIRVAAD Atta recipe, your homemade Chocolate Peda will be ready in no time. The less time you spend on making them, the more time it leaves you to enjoy the festivities of Holi and feasting on the irresistible Chocolate Peda! Bite into the sweet, creamy and chocolatey peda and make the most of this gorgeous fusion of two beloved sweet foods. All you need are a handful of common ingredients for this excellent AASHIRVAAD atta recipe and make a Holi special sweet that will be remembered for many years to come.

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5. Delicious Whole Wheat Barfi

This splendid recipe for a wholesome homemade Barfi will take your breath away. Its soft and crumbly fudge like texture melts in the mouth with each bite. The sweetness of this Barfi recipe, obtained from jaggery instead of refined sugar gives this Holi sweet a complex and deep flavour. Barfis are a common, and highly sought after mithai during festival celebrations especially during Holi when foodies are on the prowl for everything they can eat.

Preparing your own Holi special sweets not only gives you more control over the taste, but also the hygiene of your sweet treats. With this AASHIRVAAD atta Barfi recipe, you won’t need to spend the entire day in the kitchen to wow your guests this Holi. Just thirty minutes of your time is enough to make delicious Barfi and feast on its rich and mesmerizing sweetness.

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With these five AASHIRVAAD atta mithai recipes, you can create a wide variety of special homemade sweets to bring in the joyous festivities of Holi. Serve these Holi sweets to your loved ones, and watch them be the highlight of this auspicious and happy day for everyone!

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