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5 Hacks to make your Atta Dough softer for preparing rotis at home

Make soft chapati dough

The consistency of the dough, whether it is softer or harder, has the most influence on how well your whole wheat atta rotis will turn out. To make the kind of rotis that are loved by one and all, you need to prepare a dough that is softer and has the right consistency. Ensuring the softness of your dough is not an easy task but with the help of these helpful hacks, you can get it done easily. Use these tips to make your whole wheat atta dough softer so that your homemade rotis become everyone’s favourite indulgence.

1. Use High Quality Whole Wheat Flour

The quality of your whole wheat atta is one of the most important things that can help you make a softer, more pliable dough for your rotis. A whole wheat atta that does not contain any adulteration such as inclusion of Maida, or any other flour yields the best results. The quality of the whole wheat flour is also dependent on the quality of the wheat grains, and the grinding process.

AASHIRVAAD Whole Wheat Flour fulfils every single requirement due to its carefully selected sourcing of whole wheat grains. Heavy on the palm, and nurtured by the fertile Indian soil, these grains are ground with a traditional chakki-like process. From sourcing, cleaning to packaging, AASHIRVAAD atta is not touched by hands at any stage. This purity delivers the highest quality atta to your home, which helps you prepare a soft dough, and fluffy rotis for your family.

2. Replace Cold Water With Warm Water To Knead Your Dough

The benefits of using hot, or warm water to knead the dough for rotis have become popularized in the past few years. Although most households continue to use room temperature water for their dough, warmer water does help. When you knead AAASHIRVAAD whole wheat atta dough by using warm water, it helps denature the proteins in the flour. It also helps your whole wheat atta absorb more moisture which is definitely one of the key tenets to produce a softer dough.

3. The Water Content Of The Dough Matters

We now know that the more water, or moisture your whole wheat atta absorbs, the softer your dough and eventual rotis can be. Thus, the water absorption qualities of whole wheat flour are of high importance. AASHIRVAAD atta is well-known for its high water absorption qualities which makes kneading easier, and rotis softer for longer.

Without your dough becoming too sticky, always make sure you use as much water as you can. The right texture for a soft dough is when you press it with your fingers, and it leaves an indentation that disappears after a few seconds.

4. Your Kneading Technique is Equally Important

When preparing a dough to make whole wheat rotis, always use the right technique to have the softest texture. Add water slowly, and keep mixing until all the water is absorbed by AASHIRAAD atta. If you feel like the dough is too hard, add some more water and keep kneading with your knuckles and fingers. Gently stretch the atta dough while kneading to make it even softer and easier to work with. This will help your AASHIRVAAD whole wheat atta dough be more elastic.

These are the five important hacks, and tips that can help you make a soft dough for your whole wheat rotis. Apply these techniques to your AASHIRVAAD atta, and help bring out its best qualities in the form of a softer dough, and fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth rotis.

5. Let The Dough Rest For An Adequate Amount Of Time

While kneading a soft dough may be an important part of the roti making process, allowing the dough to rest is often an overlooked method. Once it has been kneaded adequately, allowing the gluten in the AASHIRVAAD whole wheat flour to be released helps enhance the softness of your dough. Cover your dough with a damp cloth, or cling wrap and allow it to rest for at least 20-30 minutes. Following this, your AASHIRVAAD atta dough will become softer and will help make tasty rotis much more conveniently.

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