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Different Chocolate Types You Need to Know About

Chocolate Types

Chocolate is one of the few food items that is loved and savoured by almost every person across the globe. One of the reasons for chocolate being popular across the globe is its universal appeal. Chocolate is loved by people of all age groups, from young children to the elderly, everyone seems to enjoy savouring chocolate.

One of the major benefits of consuming chocolate is that it can help to uplift one’s mood and provide feelings of goodness and warmth. Chocolate is also popular as a flavour and it is used alongside various dessert items such as cakes, brownies, cookies, milkshakes etc. The most widely consumed form of chocolate across the world is milk chocolate which is commercially available in almost every part of the world.

However, there are various other forms of chocolate types that one needs to know about. To know about the different chocolate varieties, it is important to first look at the process of creating chocolate. Chocolate is basically prepared from cocoa nibs which are derived from the seeds of the cacao tree. The seeds of the cacao tree go through a process of fermentation after which they are dried, cleaned and roasted.

When the cocoa nibs are obtained after this process, they are grounded and heated to create a liquefied version of chocolate which is known as chocolate liquor. The different chocolate varieties are derived from this chocolate liquor which forms the base of every chocolate that can be created. The chocolate liquor is further processed to create two components, namely cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Here’s a look at different types of chocolate that can be created depending upon the concentration of the above ingredients.

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate is the most common and recognized form of chocolate across the globe. Milk chocolate has a sweet flavour profile with a smooth texture. Milk chocolate is prepared by combing cocoa solids and cocoa butter with sugar and milk. Chocolate is considered milk chocolate if it contains a minimum of 10 per cent of chocolate liquor. The Fabelle Choco Deck is a high-quality milk chocolate bar that comes with 3 layers of textures and flavours. The Fabelle Choco Deck comes with two layers of milk chocolate and a creamy layer of rich choco crème in between.

White Chocolate

White Chocolate is a distinct form of chocolate due to its ivory colour and unique flavour profile. White chocolate can be considered synonymous with vanilla due to its taste and aroma. White chocolate is created by combining cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and vanilla. To be categorised as white chocolate, the chocolate formula should contain at least 20 per cent of milk solids.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate can be considered a healthier form of chocolate among all available chocolate types. Dark chocolate contains the least amount of sugar without any form of milk derivatives. Due to the absence of milk derivates and less amount of sugar, dark chocolate has a bitter taste. Also, dark chocolate has a harder consistency compared to other chocolate varieties. The Fabelle Divine Dark chocolate bar provides 84% dark chocolate that is crafted using cocoa from Ghana.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder is the form of chocolate that is used in different types of recipes. Cocoa Powder has a bitter flavour profile since it is 100 per cent cocoa without any sugar or milk. Cocoa Powder is essentially prepared for use in recipes where a chocolate flavour profile is required. Cocoa Powder is prepared from chocolate liquor where the cocoa butter is removed. The remaining cocoa solids are crushed to create a cocoa powder. Depending upon the acidic levels, cocoa powder is categorized into Natural Cocoa and Dutch Cocoa. Natural Cocoa is more acidic in nature whereas Dutch Cocoa is alkalized.

Ruby Chocolate

A Belgian-Swiss cocoa company called Barry Callebaut first introduced Ruby Chocolate in a private event in China in September 2017. Ruby chocolate is derived from the ruby cocoa bean which is mostly grown in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. The ruby cocoa bean gives a distinctly pink hue to the Ruby Chocolate. The Fabelle Ruby Gianduja provides a perfect combination of the classic Italian delicacy Gianduja and newly discovered Ruby Chocolate. The Fabelle Ruby Gianduja comes with a natural pink hue with a range of fruity, nutty and sweet flavours.

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