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How to Buy the Best Dark Chocolates: A Comprehensive Guide

Buying the best dark chocolates guide

Intense and surprisingly wholesome for the body, dark chocolate is a type of chocolate made when fat and sugar are mixed with cocoa. Dark Chocolate contains close to no milk solids which makes them rich and unsweetened. While other varieties of luxury chocolate such as white chocolate and milk chocolate are popular for their creamy sweetness, dark chocolates have a strong and bitter taste.

It takes time to acquire a taste for dark chocolate and most people who do not enjoy sweet treats enjoy this type of chocolate. Today there are several dark chocolate types available which differ in levels of bitterness and added ingredients.

If buying dark chocolate causes confusion and you want to understand what to look for while buying one, here is a comprehensive guide on dark chocolate.

  1. The best dark chocolate must contain 70% cocoa or more

    For a good dark chocolate bar, the more intense its taste, the better its cocoa content. Most dark chocolates have a higher percentage of cocoa compared to other chocolate types. While buying a dark chocolate bar, it is good to buy one with 70% cocoa or more. The bitterness and flavour of dark chocolate deepen as the percentage increases, so make sure to figure out which percentage suits your taste the best!

  2. Stay away from excessively sweetened dark chocolate

    The charm of dark chocolate is its bitter and rich taste. While sugar is often present in lower amounts in the best dark chocolate bars, some manufacturers tend to overload their dark chocolate with sugar. Hence it is important to take a quick look at the dark chocolate ingredient list behind your dark chocolate bar and see if sugar is a huge ingredient. It is advised to buy a bar that features sugar at the end of the list instead of the first!

  3. Artificial ingredients are a no!

    Since dark chocolates like all chocolate bars are manufactured to last for a few months at the least, they do feature some extra ingredients to bind the chocolate and help it retain its flavour for a long time period. These extra dark chocolate ingredients are generally artificial binding agents or flavours. While these ingredients are not harmful, it is best to buy a dark chocolate bar that contains little to no artificial ingredients. The shorter the ingredients list, the better.

  4. No Alkali processed chocolates or Dutched Dark Chocolates!

    Dutching is a method of chocolate manufacturing that involves chocolate treated with Alkali to reduce the bitterness of the chocolate and darken its colour.

    Alkali or Alkalization is a way of chemically altering dark chocolate to reduce its bitterness, however, it also disturbs the presence of antioxidants naturally found in dark chocolate too. This is one of the main reasons to avoid a Dutched dark chocolate bar.

  5. Check for Trans fat

    Trans fat is known to cause cardiovascular issues and is generally avoided by heart patients. Some dark chocolate bars contain some amount of trans fat. Hence it is advised to read the ingredients list carefully and avoid dark chocolate bars which feature this ingredient.

  6. Explore flavours!

    Dark chocolates today come with a varying range of ingredients that provide another dimension to its classic taste. These include vanilla, orange extract, fruits, roasted nuts etc. Explore these flavours along with the percentage of bitterness you like to find in your favourite bar of dark chocolate.

    Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates is the best place to go exploring when it comes to dark chocolate. It is a luxury chocolate brand that creates decadent dark chocolate creations sourced from the finest cocoa from Latin America and Africa. If you want to indulge in a delightful dark chocolate creation, look no further. Fabelle Intense Dark 84%, Fabelle Loaded Secret - Dark Chocolate and Fabelle Divine Dark 64% with Ghana Cocoa are among the many delectable dark chocolate creations made by Fabelle.

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