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5 Indian Sweets Atta Recipes To Try This Festive Season

5 Indian sweets for festive season

The festive season is here to bring joy to our hearts and colour to our lives. With a lot of cultural significance while being dressed in traditional wear and feasting on mouth-watering Indian dishes, the festive season is always highly anticipated and much loved by children and adults alike. Social gatherings increase and the coming together of friends and family improves and sweetens relationships, children understand the values and traditions of their families and indulge in delicious traditional sweets; these are some of the highlights of the festive season. For people who have a sweet tooth, however, there’s only one: traditional Indian sweets.

Sweets mark every important Indian occasion and are often consumed to celebrate happy moments too. A wide variety of Indian sweets have been made for generations, some of which are evidently popular even today. These are Laddoo, Halwa, Pedha, Barfi etc. Most of these Indian sweet dishes are made with Khoya, Mava, Maida and loads of sugar and ghee While being delicious, consuming big amounts of these Indian Mithai items can be unhealthy. Hence if you are looking for some wholesome Indian sweet recipes, here are 5 atta recipes of popular Indian sweets that fulfil your festive season.

Atta Halwa

A simple yet heart-warming Indian sweet dish, Atta halwa or Aate ka Halwa is a staple item made during festivities. It melts in your mouth and leaves behind a sweet and enticing taste that is unmatchable. Made primarily with Aashirvaad Atta, cow ghee, raisins, and cardamom powder nuts, this dish is easy to follow and quick to delight. Interestingly, with similar ingredients, one can also prepare atta ladoos!

Check out the entire Atta Halwa recipe here.

Chocolate Peda

Chocolate Peda is a modern twist to the classic Indian mithai, the Pedha, a milk-based confectionary that has delighted generations of Indians during festivals. A chocolate Pedha is a brown item that contains the divine taste of chocolate along with the goodness of other ingredients like ghee, powdered sugar, atta, chopped pistachios and salt.

Make this sweet at home by following this chocolate Pedha recipe.

Strawberry Barfi

One of the most beloved traditional Indian sweet dishes, Barfi is a fudge-like sweet made with atta, milk, grated coconut, mawa, and ghee. Strawberry barfi is a new take on the classic barfi which includes the sweet and tangy flavour of strawberry along with its distinct pink colour. Aate ki Barfi or atta-based Barfi is often made with seasonal fruits like mangoes too.

Prepare a delicious batch of barfi with this easy-to-follow Strawberry Barfi recipe.

Coconut Gujiya

Coconut Gujiya is a deep-fried dumpling-shaped sweet made with dollops of ghee, grated coconut, cow ghee, sugar, and dry fruits. Its crescent moon shape is unique and interesting to behold, and its taste is delightful which makes it perfect for festivities.

Try making this Indian sweet dish at home with this simple Coconut Gujiya recipe.

Sweet Samosa

While Samosa is a popular snack known for its savoury masala-filled flavour, a sweet version of this item is equally tasty to have. Prepare this sweet pastry with ease with ingredients such as atta, ghee, grated mawa and dry fruits. Fry these pastries in hot oil till golden brown and serve with sugar syrup or some chopped nuts to enjoy.

Find the complete Sweet Samosa recipe here.

Choose between the best sweets in India or experiment to make exciting, sweet creations of your own with Aashirvaad Atta for a joyous and wholesome festive season.

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